Comparing UK Reddit sentiment with FTSE100 Share Price For: 1 Day
What is this page?

This page compares the sentiment for UK subreddits and compares it to the FTSE100.

It checks if the Reddit sentiment is co-related to the Ftse stock price

What does sentiment mean?

It checks if the feeling/opinion of a piece of text is positive, negative or neutral (using machine learning)

Where are you getting the data for Sentiment for?

I'm reading/scraping 3 subreddits-- AskUk, UnitedKingdom and UkPolitics.

I chose these because they are the biggest in the UK, having roughly 3.5 million subscribers (in total)

while still having a balance of positive/negative views.

How did you build this website?

See this for details:

Or check out the code on Github here

Legal: Nothing on this site is financial advice. Please don't buy shares based on what Reddit is thinking! 😺